Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law deals with cases that include hurting a person’s body, mind, and emotions due to another person’s negligence or carelessness. Wrongful death and situations where injury proves fatal is included in this law. Personal injury law is also called tort law.

This law includes almost anything that involves injuring a person. However, there are more common cases that personal injury law can cover. The following are common personal injury cases:

-Car accidents involving large trucks, motorcycles, or pedestrians.
-Consumer product liability that includes defective products, medications, and recalled products.
-Any injury cause by animals.
-Ultra-hazardous activities that caused an injury. Examples for these activities are using explosives or dangerous chemicals.
Premises Liability cases covers slip and fall injuries.
-Reputation injuries that is caused by defamation.
-Injuries to mental or emotional health which are resulted by intentional infliction of emotional distress or physical injury.

Questions For Your Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury is a serious case to handle. Seeking proper medical attention for the injuries that you or someone obtained should be done immediately. And getting a good lawyer in Tampa FL to handle this legal matter should also be one of your foremost concerns. To know whether a Tampa personal injury attorney is a suitable person for the job, here are a handful of questions that you can ask him or her.

Ask For Her Specialization

Just as an engineer can not expertly do a construction worker’s duty, so as a lawyer who does not specialize in personal injury can expertly give you a service regarding this case. Lawyers have different areas of specializations and having someone who is focused and an expert in personal injury is the right person to handle this job. Asking for an attorney’s specialization is very important so remember to ask him or her about this.

Similar Cases

Have you worked on similar cases like this in the past? This question will let you know the attorney’s experience and skills in this subject. It is not only essential that your attorney specializes in personal injury cases but he or she shall as well have sufficient experience with similar cases in the past. Knowing how these previous cases turned will tell you if they are skilled at this area of practice.

Number Of Attorneys To Work On The Case

If this is your first legal case, then you might imagine that cases are represented by only one person. But in reality, most of the work are sometimes handled by non-attorney managers while the hearing is attended by junior attorneys. If you want to get a particular attorney to handle the job, and not just the firm then it is important to ask this question.

The Time

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, then having a personal injury case to think of is tedious. You will be force to attend legal proceedings and investigative doctor visits in Tampa FL. Not to mention getting stressed by medical bills and your work load piling up because of your injuries. Asking your attorney about an estimate of how long will it take before this case can be resolved is very important for your peace of mind. Although cases vary and it can be impossible to give you an exact time, your attorney should have an idea how long the process will take based on similar previous cases that he or she worked on.

Contingency Fee

The best Tampa car accident attorneys will give their services to you for free but will take a part of the monies if you get your settlement or have a successful outcome from the trial. This fee is called a “contingency fee”. The payment for attorneys working on contingency basis depends on you getting paid for your injuries.

Will he or she be able to work on a contingency basis? If your attorney answered “yes” for this, it can be favorable for you as medical bills and hourly fees of attorneys can be pretty expensive. At least you’ll get to stress over paying his services when all is well and you finally get your compensation.